Kodami is a journey into the Lives that inhabit the world, between human and non-human animals, to get to know each other and live together in peace. An ecosystem in which species enter into a relationship or, simply, respect each other from a distance. A universe in which to discover all the inhabitants of the planet and listen to get in touch with the animal kingdom in the sign of mutual respect. Through high-quality content information, we invite you to cross a bridge over which living beings walk together, meet and each go on freely. A journey to take together, to deepen the relationship with life companions who live in our homes and get closer to the animals that populate all continents. Kodami is choosing to live in the sign of coexistence and becoming part of an information ecosystem dedicated to the inhabitants of planet Earth.


  • We believe in the values ​​of freedom and coexistence.
  • We see the world as a place where there is room for everyone.
  • We see each species as a collection of single individuals, each with its own cognitions and emotions.
  • We consider the relationship as the most important aspect to take care of when deciding to live with a pet.
  • We think the Planet is the home of all animals, human and otherwise.
  • We look at the animals by observing their point of view.
  • We believe that every individual of our species can make positive changes for all living things with compassion, empathy, respect, dignity and love.
  • We recognize that human beings are necessarily anthropocentric and that the life of an animal can never be adequately narrated, although we will do our best to inform according to our values ​​from an ethological and journalistic point of view.